About Us

ZP Enterprises focuses on ensuring your information technology works and if problems arise, you have a dedicated team of professionals ready to go to work for you.

ZP Enterprises advises on, installs, and supports your home or professional office technology. We provide Chicago-land with technical support services for their servers, computers, tablets, cell phones, faxes, printers, and most other technology. We also take care of the software that drives your business.

  • We don’t work on a “break-fix” basis (you break it, we fix it).  This is counterproductive for both of us as the break-fix relationship is inherently adversarial.  We only make money when your systems break.  Therefore, it is in our best interest for things not to work.  This forces you to prioritize issues, and every decision you make costs you money.
  • We do not keep clients that are always/only interested in the “quick-fix”.  If you want a magic bullet to fix your systems, then I suggest you stay up late one night with your credit card in hand and call one of the many “fix-your-computer-for-$19.95.com” offers on the infomercials aired.
  • You need to decide how much of a role IT plays in your home or business.  If it is minor, we are probably not the right solution for you.  If you are heavily reliant on IT systems, you need to commit to dedicating the resources to keeping those systems running at peak efficiency.

Businesses with over 50 people usually have their own IT department, but it doesn’t make financial sense for small businesses in Chicago to have their own IT staff. We step in to fill that gap by providing professional outsourced computer support services for your Chicago-land’s small business and home users.

Outsourced computer support does not mean you will be forced into an impersonal help desk solution. We take a different approach; each client works hand in hand with their own personal technician. We use remote access software to achieve a short wait time until the conclusion. However, we are happy to come into your office if you need us as we may have to so we can access the physical hardware.

While it is true that we consistently have clients that experience instant improvement in their systems when we take over, I would prefer that you have moderately conservative expectations and commit to the long-term success of your business.  In the beginning, there will be issues; that’s just a simple fact. Of course, we’ll be here to support you, figure out what went wrong, and readjust your systems.  If you aren’t willing to invest a little time and effort into making this work, then we are probably not the right IT consultant for you.

The main reason people don’t have success with us is that they are not willing to do what we recommend.  We don’t ask anything of you that we ourselves wouldn’t use or do if it was our business.  We recommend industry-standard best practices but are still open to alternative solutions as long as they provide the desired end result at the same cost or cheaper.  We don’t require that you purchase ANYTHING from us.  We will make recommendations and what you chose to do with the information is your business.  Of course, if you’d like to buy from us, we can provide any of the products and services that we recommend.