Game Over

Where do we go from here after the ETH Merge?

So, I put considerable effort and funds into GPU mining before “The Merge” was understood and how it impacted crypto mining with ETH. Did I get into mining Crypto too late into “the game?” Maybe, I don’t know. The “rules” of the game changed while I was just getting into mining ETH. I geeked out and loved building my own “rigs” with promises of riches and fame, haha, not so much. But some of the lessons learned and just the geeking out of taking three 8-slot PCIe motherboards and building a custom Linux OS, Hive OS backed “rig” was cool in my book. I am a geek, after all. Yes, that is the capacity for 24 GPUs mining. Oh, man…

Rig 1.0

But right meow, ETH, or Ethereum, is moving from proof of work to proof of stake in early September 2022. If you are new to this like I was, we missed out. But there is still hope.

ETH “Merge” Countdown:

As of 11SEP22 (We will never Forget, god bless), These are my standings:

So, in my short romance with mining ETH, I earned approximately $725 dollars already paid and about just under $100 for Sept; we will see. I will squeeze the most out of it, like trying to get water from a rock until the end. But… What then?! What do I do with this crypto mining beast I have built?! Well, there are options out there. Ergo, Raven Coin, and a few others. It might not be as profitable as ETH was, but I either sell off all that I have hardware-wise for pennies on a dollar or stick it out.

I am stubborn, so I will take my hardware investment and try RVN/Raven Coin. I already switched 1/3rd of my GPUs to RVN coin, and while things are drastically different, there are similarities. The above image represents my ETH capabilities @ approx $5.80 a day TODAY @ only 2/3rd of my hardware dedicated towards ETH. 1/3rd I tore off and started experimenting with RVN coin. Below is what I pulled in with 100% hardware / GPU to ETH before RVN experiments in August 2022.

I am curious to see if 1/3 of my hardware GPUs are consistently getting almost $6 a day on RVN, and when as a whole, if 100% of my GPUs were only producing ~$10 ETH daily, maybe I should have been mining RVN Coin all along since there is a discrepancy. Well, it’s too late to speculate—C’est La Vie. ETH is going PoS (Piece of Shit?) from what was Proof of Work, PoW. No, not a prisoner of war, but we might feel like this at times, lol.

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