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Windows Logos Over Time
  • Blue screen of death
    The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), Blue screen error, Blue Screen, fatal error, or bugcheck, and officially known as a Stop error, is a critical error screen displayed by the Microsoft Windows and ReactOS operating systems in the event of a fatal system error. The Blue Screen of Death indicates a system crash, in which … Read more
  • World’s Most Viewed Photo
    Back in 1996, a photographer named Charles O’Rear embarked on a picturesque journey to Napa Valley, California. Little did he know that his lens would capture an iconic moment that would later become the face of a globally beloved operating system. As he drove through the countryside, he noticed a captivating scene – a lush … Read more
  • Top 15 best Databases for web applications to Use in 2022
    Digital transformation, regardless of whether a private venture or a large organization, has empowered companies to produce information at every touchpoint. Irrespective of the organization, each organization requires a database to sort out and store its fundamental data. To provide such a facility, the database management system software is to the rescue. A database can be referred … Read more
  • Windows 95 Install Media
    The pain/struggle was real to install Windows 95 – 28 Install 3.5 install disks back then. Bill Gates announced Microsoft Windows on November 10, 1983. Microsoft introduced Windows as a graphical user interface for MS-DOS, which had been introduced two years earlier. The product line evolved in the 1990s from an operating environment into a fully complete, modern operating system over two lines of … Read more
  • DNS Explained
    You don’t remember individual mobile numbers. Instead, you go to your contacts app and call it by their names. The contacts app allows people to input everyday words without having to keep track of the individual mole number. This is the exact same thing DNS does for the internet. Domain Name System Computers address each … Read more
  • How to use Search in Windows 11
    Windows Search is a feature that has been around for more than 15 years, starting from the ancient Windows Vista. It has evolved and matured over the years, and the latest iteration of Windows 11 is simpler, faster, and more efficient than previous versions. Here’s how to access Search in Windows 11 and use it to find what … Read more
  • How to install Windows 11 on any (unsupported) PC or virtual machine
    You’ve probably heard of the steep system requirements of Windows 11. You can’t install it on an unsupported computer – one that doesn’t have TPM 2.0, Secure Boot, or enough RAM. This checklist leaves many on the outside, theoretically unable to install Windows 11. However, the good news is that there are ways to overcome … Read more
  • Use System Restore
    Use System Restore to make restore points when you install a new app, driver, or Windows update and manually create a restore point. Restoring won’t affect your files, but it will remove apps, drivers, and updates installed after the restore point. To go back to a restore point: Select the Start button, then type control panel in the … Read more
  • How to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode with Networking
    The Safe Mode environment in Windows is one of the best ways to diagnose and repair problems that stop the operating system from loading correctly or even from loading at all. Furthermore, Safe Mode with Networking can be even more helpful than the default Safe Mode. Read this guide if you’re wondering why we say that and what’s different about … Read more
  • 8 ways to start System Configuration in Windows (all versions)
    The System Configuration tool is also known by its msconfig.exe executable file. This app is helpful to people who want to manage the Windows startup and boot options and troubleshoot stability and performance issues. You can do all that from this handy little tool, but before that, you first have to open it. In this article, we show you eight … Read more
  • Windows 11 Media Creation Tool: Create a setup USB stick or ISO file
    Do you want to install Windows 11 2022 Update (version 22H2)? Unless you intend to upgrade from Windows 10 using Windows Update or the Windows 11 Installation Assistant, you’ll need to download an ISO file with the setup files and then write it on a Windows 11 DVD or create a USB flash drive. This raises the question: “Is … Read more
  • Windows 10 Media Creation Tool: Create a setup USB stick or ISO
    To install Windows 10, you must create installation media such as a bootable USB memory stick or a DVD with the Windows 10 setup. Fortunately, that is simple, as Microsoft developed the Media Creation Tool for that reason. If you want to learn where to download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and how to use it to create … Read more
  • How to burn an ISO file to a disc (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.) in Windows 10
    An ISO file is a disk image that stores a disk’s content and structure, whether a CD, DVD, Blu-Ray disc, hard disk drive, or a USB flash drive, into a single file, with the extension “.iso.” Windows 10 has a built-in app named “Windows Disc Image Burner,” which can be used to burn ISO files to … Read more
  • Safely remove hardware in Windows
    Look for the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the taskbar. If you don’t see it, select Show hidden icons . Press and hold (or right-click) the icon and select the hardware you want to remove. If you can’t find the Safely Remove Hardware icon, press and hold (or right-click) the taskbar and select Taskbar settings . Select Taskbar corner overflow to expand it. Scroll to Windows … Read more
  • How to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode (9 ways)
    If you’ve been using Windows 10 for a while, you might have noticed that pressing the F8 or the SHIFT + F8 keys on your keyboard to enter Safe Mode no longer works. That method stopped working because the Windows 10 start procedure became faster than ever. However, that does not mean that Windows 10 has no Safe Mode. It’s just that, … Read more
  • How do you create a USB Windows 10 recovery drive?
    When Windows 10 crashes because of a faulty update or when it doesn’t boot correctly, you can try fixing it with a USB recovery drive. Creating a recovery drive involves plugging a USB memory stick into a working Windows 10 computer and running the Recovery Media Creator wizard. Here’s how it all works and how to create … Read more
  • How to install Windows 10 from DVD, ISO, or USB
    Windows 10 is used on over 1 billion computers and devices, and many users want to install it independently. One way is to use a USB memory stick with the Windows 10 setup, a disc (like a DVD or CD), or an ISO file with the installation. The installation process is the same no matter … Read more
  • Shortcuts for the UEFI BIOS & Windows 10’s Recovery Environment
    Sometimes your Windows 10 PC or device just doesn’t want to work as it should. That’s when you might want to troubleshoot and see if you can improve things. Some of the best tools for that are the UEFI BIOS, which controls pretty much everything related to how your computer’s hardware works, and the Windows … Read more
  • How to open the Task Manager in Windows 11 and Windows 10
    Task Manager is a great tool that helps you manage how apps, processes, and services run on your Windows PC. Before working with the Task Manager, you should know how to open it. This guide shows you different ways of running it, whether you use Windows 11 or 10. The list includes thirteen ways to start the Task … Read more
  • What is UAC (User Account Control), and why you should never turn it off
    When Windows Vista was launched, User Account Control (UAC) was the most criticized and misunderstood feature. Even though it is essential for security, many people have chosen to disable it and expose their systems to security problems. This feature has been improved in the next versions of Windows and, even though it adds a lot … Read more
  • 9 ways to open PowerShell in Windows (including as administrator)
    Many IT professionals use PowerShell to manage Windows computers and devices and execute administrative tasks. Before using PowerShell in Windows 11 and 10, you must know how to start it. That’s why we made a list of all the methods available for starting Windows PowerShell, including running it with admin rights. Read on to learn them all: CONTENTS 1. Start … Read more
  • How to open Command Prompt (14 ways)
    Geeks and IT professionals love the Command Prompt (CMD), and for a good reason: it allows you to do many administrative tasks with ease. We think that it is a good idea to make a list of all the fourteen methods we know for opening Command Prompt in Windows so that you can choose what suits you best. Knowing … Read more
  • 18 ways to open Settings in Windows 11
    The Windows 11 Settings app is the go-to place if you want to control how your operating system looks and works. While many of the methods to open Settings in Windows 11 are the same as in Windows 10, the app is quite different, offering a more elegant design and a better overview of the available options and menus. … Read more
  • How to enter the UEFI/BIOS from Windows 11
    Do you have a Windows 11 computer or device and don’t know how to access the UEFI or BIOS? Are there any issues with your PC that you think can be repaired from there? Whether you need to enter UEFI/BIOS to troubleshoot your computer or adjust settings to improve its performance, in this tutorial, we … Read more
  • What is BIOS? What does BIOS mean?
    CONTENTS If you are a casual computer user, you may have heard about the BIOS, UEFI BIOS, BIOS failures, or Dual BIOS motherboards, but you might be wondering what these terms mean. What is a BIOS except for a weird-sounding acronym? What does BIOS do? Is it that important for the operation of a computer? … Read more
  • 7 ways to lock a Windows 11 PC
    If you want to make sure others can’t access your data when you step away from your PC, it’s a good idea to learn how to lock the screen in Windows 11. This also saves battery while keeping your Windows session active in the background, so you can simply log in to get back to … Read more
  • What is Ctrl Alt Delete? What does Ctrl Alt Del do?
    There’s a very slim chance that you have never heard of Ctrl Alt Delete. Most people encounter it, and many probably use it regularly. However, do you want to learn more about what Ctrl Alt Del is on a keyboard? What is it used for, and how can it send this combination of keys to a remote computer? … Read more
  • How to use the Windows 11 Start Menu
    The Windows Start Menu has been completely redesigned in the latest version of the operating system. In Windows 11, Microsoft changed the Start Menu location to the middle of the screen and removed the controversial tiles, replacing them with the simple, familiar shortcuts. However, despite the clean new look, the Start Menu from Windows 11 is just as useful. Read this … Read more
  • How to install and use Windows 11 with a local account
    Do you have Windows 10 Home, and do you want to use it without a Microsoft account? Do you want to install Windows 11 (Home or Pro) using a local account? You can do these things, even though Microsoft makes things too complicated. Our guide shares the steps you need to follow when installing Windows … Read more
  • 5 ways to sign in to Windows 11
    Most people sign into Windows 11 using a PIN code or a password. But there are other ways to log in to Windows 11, some faster than others, some more secure, and even some that even Microsoft doesn’t recommend. Windows 11 offers you many ways to log in with your user account, ranging from the … Read more
  • 6 ways to sign out of Windows 11
    Signing out of Windows is useful when you must sign in with another user, apply various settings, and troubleshoot applications. As opposed to switching users, this action completely shuts down all processes associated with the current user, freeing up resources and preparing Windows 11 for a new sign-in. We have prepared a list of six … Read more
  • Fixed: Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded
    If you are trying to download some programs or some drivers, an error occurs saying “Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded“. You can try the solutions below to fix this issue. Solution 1: Change the security setting of the IE browser Follow the steps below: 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Click Tools in the … Read more
  • Common Network tools – ping, telnet, netstat and arp
    ping (Packet Internet Gropper) The Ping command allows a user to ping another network IP address. Ping command sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to other hosts, and this command can help determine the connectivity to the remote host. This is similar to playing “Marco Polo” in a body of water. Simple ping command syntax is ping … Read more
  • Norton 360 Deluxe vs Bitdefender Total Security | Best antivirus for PC
    I’ll compare the Norton 360 Deluxe plan, their second most expensive, to Bitdefender’s most expensive Total Security plan. Why do you ask? Because they both claim to offer the same level of protection and supplemental features, by and large, they’re almost identical packages…or so I thought… 🔥 Bitdefender vs. Norton: Malware protection: 🔥 Now, starting … Read more
  • How To Set up SSH Keys on a Linux / Unix System
    I recently read that SSH keys provide a secure way of logging into a Linux and Unix-based server. How do I set up SSH keys on a Linux or Unix-based system? In SSH for Linux/Unix, how do I set up public-key authentication? This page explains a public key and shows you how to set up … Read more
  • How to display listening ports using the netstat from the command line
    If you’re troubleshooting a service that you know is running normally, the next step is to ensure it’s listening on the correct network port. The netstat command shows the services listening to ports on a Linux server and the details of any connections currently made to them. During basic network daemon troubleshooting, the connection details … Read more
  • How to Right-Click
    You might have seen “right-click” mentioned while reading how-to instructions. But what does it mean? In some cases, it’s more than just clicking your right mouse button. We’ll show you how to right-click on several different pointer devices and platforms. Table of Contents What Does Right-Click Mean?Why Is Right-Click Different Than Left-Click?How to Right-Click with … Read more
  • Windows 2008 End Of Life
    n January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer offer support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, meaning they will no longer release additional security patches and updates. If your business runs off Windows 2008, you have some serious choices to make or place yourself in a dangerous situation: 
  • When you have a typo, Microsoft Word would tell you about it!
    The Life and Death of Microsoft Clippy, the Paper Clip the World Loved to Hate Before there was Clippy, there was Microsoft Bob. Personally launched by Bill Gates in 1995, Microsoft Bob was supposed to revolutionize home computing by making software friendlier for first-time users. Instead of the menu- and text-heavy interfaces that had come … Read more
  • What is WannaCry ransomware?
    Is your computer vulnerable to attack from WannaCry ransomware? Read on as we explore all there is to know about the WannaCry ransomware attack. In this article, you will learn: WannaCry ransomware explained WannaCry is an example of crypto-ransomware, a malicious software (malware) cybercriminals use to extort money from individuals, corporations, hospitals, utilities, and governments—basically, … Read more