ZP Enterprises partners with, advises on, installs, and supports your technology. We provide Chicago-land’s with technical support services for the servers, personal computers, tablets, cell phones, faxes, printers, and most other technology. We also take care of the software that drives your business.

Businesses with over 50 people usually have their own IT department, but it doesn’t make financial sense for small businesses in Chicago to have their own IT staff. We step in to fill that gap by providing professional outsourced computer support services for your Chicago-land’s small business and home users.

Outsourced computer support does not mean you will be forced into an impersonal help desk solution. We take a different approach; each client works hand in hand with their own personal technician. We use remote access software to achieve a short wait time until the conclusion. However, we are happy to come into your office if you need us as we may have to so we can access the physical hardware.

We also provide beautiful digital photography and graphic design skills we could help develop for your project, minus the darkroom.

Please take time to visit our page to see what products and services ZP Enterprises provides and if you have any questions, please use the “Contact Us” page to send your questions to us and we will be in touch with you to see what we can accomplish together!

Computer Support

Everyone has a computer or network they access. Let us help you with whatever Technology needs you have. Let us make the 1’s and 0 add up!


Do you want some professional photos taken? Do you want professional photos of your event? Do you need professional photos for your personal blog or professional career? Let us start thinking talking, and start planning to create a unique image or project that cannot help but be focused on that are glass shattering!

Chess game pieces

Everything starts from a source.

Getting started with our services can help you in a customized technical way. We are well versed in ways that you can get ahead. Let’s connect to talk about how we can develop the future for your company.

We provide a variorty of solutions to your challenges.

Just maybe we can connect and develop a solid plan to get things moving in a positive direction and start making the magic happen!

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