Cyber Security

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Intensifying in 2018 Cyber-Security disturbances ticked up over 45% from previous years! While the attacks, compromises, and exploits you saw on your TV and news feed all warned about the targeted attacks on some large companies with data breaches and hacks of personal data; the media failed to warn business owners that no matter how big or small, you can be a victim as well. These Cyber Security occurrences have long since existed before, but these security issues have not stopped since and only have intensified. From Phishing scams to Malware and everything in-more indebth, ZP Enterprises has you covered! Our Cyber-Security services extend everywhere from the Loop to outer Chicago-land to keep you, and your business, safe.

Cyber Risks

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Last year over 50% of small businesses were attacked by hackers infiltrating their systems. Also, while this number is mind-blowing, it is thought that the numbers may be even higher. Companies try to keep this information under wraps as it can not only affect their staff but also their relationship with clients with whom they conduct business with and is an impact on the business reputation. The trust that has been previously created, that many small businesses rely on, has now been tainted and partners do not feel as safe as they once did with giving you their personal information such as phone numbers, emails, and credit cards, etc.

Cyber Attacks

Hackers are becoming much more skilled in their cyber attacks. While some of these hackers blatantly take information such as personal data, some hackers use your company to breach and get into larger companies or those within your business network with 3rd parties. They can do these neurmous ways, but one by infiltrating your employee’s emails and sending a phishing email to a larger partner company that you may use or supplier as a vendor or B2B. The attacker has now been able to go from your individual business to a business partner of yours with one simple email with too many clicky clicks. Scary right?

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ZP Enterprise’s Cyber Security Services are here for your defense.

Here at ZP Enterprises, we know that these numbers and statistics can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to help you as they might not be up-to-date by the hour, but cannot be looked at with a blind eye.

By providing your company with proper Cyber Security services, we can protect you from those hackers just lurking outside on the internet.

Each client’s needs will be different.

From a technology aspect or from a human stance, we will be helping you educate and alert your staff on how to identify malicious emails and phishing scams. Don’t wait until it’s too late; protect your business from cyberattacks by contacting us today. There is no one set definition of a cyberattack that fits all!