Geek Pride Day
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Let Your Geek Flag Fly on Geek Pride Day!
Whether you’re a closet geek or geeky and proud, you have an entire day to celebrate with your fellow geeky buddies. The term “geek chic” is now used widely in society, which just goes to show that it’s cool to be a geek these days! Geek Pride Day gives you a chance to be completely unapologetic about who you are. Dress in any style you like; dress up as your favorite science fiction character or spend the entire day geeking out and learning math if you’d prefer! Geek Pride Day has no limits, so let your inner geek run free.

The introvert’s guide to celebrating Geek Pride Day
It’s no secret that many people probably feel pretty scared about letting their inner geek shine through. On Geek Pride Day, you don’t have to parade the streets and wear a crazy costume if it makes you feel entirely out of your comfort zone. You can stay at home with your best friends or family if that makes you feel more at ease. There is a very high chance that most of your geek friends think the same too, so they would probably be more than happy to stay at home and celebrate more intimately.

Similarly, if you can’t attend a Geek Pride Day celebration or feel it’s not your scene, invite a few friends over to watch Big Bang Theory.

Also if you choose not to attend a Geek Pride Day celebration or feel it’s not your scene, inviting a few fellow geeks over to your house for an all-geek party could also prove a great time. From re-watching Star Wars for the umpteenth time to a good old game of Dungeons and Dragons to trading limited-edition collectibles, your little get-together is sure to celebrate your collective geekiness.

If you’re feeling fearless, you could try to share your love for a particular subject with your significant other or a friend. They will not be anywhere as enthusiastic about it as you are, but who knows—maybe your efforts will result in Geekdom gaining another citizen? Stranger things have happened!

Geek Pride Day is the ideal time to do fun and quirky activities you wouldn’t typically pursue. One of the first fun activities to try might be live-tweeting your favorite movie. Have you ever sat and watched Star Wars while tweeting a running commentary? You would be surprised at how much online interaction your tantalizing tweets might get!

Why not use Geek Pride to get a little crafty and creative? Even if you are the least artistic person in the world, now is the perfect time to make a complete mess of that project you have always wanted to try!
This might seem extreme, but why not get a tattoo to mark geek pride day? Perhaps you have always wanted the symbol of Pi somewhere on your body, or you need a way to remember your favorite element on the periodic table. Get a tattoo, and you will always have a solid memory of Geek Pride Day.

f you are in a relationship with a fellow geek, why not use this day to get down on one knee and ask them to marry you? A proposal on Geek Pride Day is the perfect way to celebrate your nerdiness together as a happy couple!

You can never go wrong with the X files for being a geek!